Whether you are just starting out a career in Equipment Systems Engineering, you are transitioning to the field, or you are already established, the opportunities that exist are both extensive and varied.

Companies in multiple industries require Equipment System Engineers. This includes the manufacturing sector in industries such as bio-pharma, medical device, consumer, and food and beverage.

There are also extensive opportunities in companies that provide solutions and support to the manufacturing sector, particularly those developing, customising, and implementing Industry
4.0 technologies.

Industry Participation in E-Cubers

E-Cubers is an industry-led initiative supported by academia. SL Controls, the automation and controls solution provider, developed the E-Cubers idea, brought it into being, and continues to provide proactive support.

Other industry leaders in the field of Equipment Systems Engineering as well as the companies employing these engineers, also support the E-Cubers project.

We have brought together the best in industry and academia to find, attract, and develop top engineering talent in Ireland and around the world.

Support to Help You Advance Your Career

At E-Cubers, you will find a range of different support options to help you both start and advance your career in Equipment Systems Engineering.

This includes providing details of support programmes offered by employers and others involved in the E-Cubers initiative.

For example, you can get information on the Pathways Programme at SL Controls. It helps SL Controls’ engineers develop new skills in the field of Equipment Systems Engineering.

Events and Networking Opportunities

You will also find details of events and networking opportunities involving others in the industry including engineers, business executives, thought leaders, and more.

By participating in these events, you will expand your knowledge as well as contributing to the distribution of knowledge to others. You will also build essential contacts in the industry that will help your career in the future.