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“We are on the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0. Ireland needs Equipment Systems Engineers today and in the future to design, develop, and implement Industry 4.0 technologies.”

Shane Loughlin,


For Parents

At E-Cubers, we want to inspire the next generation of Irish engineers with specific emphasis on a particular engineering discipline – Equipment Systems Engineer. Find out about the fun and educational workshops and events we run and how your children can get involved.

For Teachers

You love getting the children you teach excited about science and technology, and we want to help. After all, the best place to start a path towards a career as an Equipment Systems Engineer is in your classroom.

For Students

Do you dream of becoming an engineer to use your love of programming, electronics, and/or technology to make a real difference in the world? You can if you become an Equipment Systems Engineer. Learn more about this rapidly growing and increasingly important field of engineering, as well as the support we offer to help you with your future studies

For BEng Undergraduates

What does an Equipment Systems Engineer do, what steps do you need to take to become one, what support is there, and what career options are available when you qualify? Find out more about the support we offer to undergraduate students. If you are thinking about your next move, however, find out about the MEng qualifications and support available that will set you on a path to becoming an Equipment Systems Engineer.

For Engineers

Get your dream job by upskilling to become an Equipment Systems Engineer. Find out about the MEng and PhD study opportunities that are available as well as practical support and information on how to move your career towards Equipment Systems Engineering. The opportunities available are amazing –
where will you end up?


On our About E-Cubers page, you can find out more about what E-Cubers does, the supporting companies that are involved, and the influential individuals behind the initiative. You’ll also find out more information on what a career as an Equipment Systems Engineer involves

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