Industry 4.0 is here, leading manufacturers to take steps to digitalise their manufacturing and business processes. The benefits of doing so are game-changing.

To achieve this, manufacturers are implementing cyber-physical systems, cobots, autonomous intelligent vehicles, and more.

The future is now, and industry needs engineers like you to become Equipment Systems Engineers.
This will help manufacturers maximise the potential of the fourth industrial revolution.

The Engineering Profession That’s Changing Manufacturing Forever

Equipment Systems Engineers require core engineering skills including mechanical, electronics, and controls skills. These are all skills that have been in demand in the industry for 2-3 decades.

The controls element of an Equipment Systems Engineer is more advanced, however, plus you
will also need additional skills. This includes skills in inspection, IT, information systems,
software validation, and more.

Equipment Systems Engineering
Post-Graduate Degrees

The skills outlined above are required by the manufacturing industry today, with the demand for these skills expected to increase in the future.

Undertaking a suitable post-graduate degree will give you the skills and knowledge you need.This will help you get into a career delivering Industry 4.0 solutions.

Reading this page is another step on your journey to becoming an Equipment Systems Engineer.Take the next step today.