Equipment Systems Engineers are crucial to the successful implementation and ongoing progress of Industry 4.0 and its relevant technologies. Engineers educated to doctoral
level play, and will continue to play long into the future, an essential role in this development.

By obtaining a PhD in a discipline directly related to Equipment Systems Engineering,
you will help to advance the overall body of knowledge in the field.

Rapid Progress
Requires the Best
Engineering Talent

Equipment Systems Engineers studying and obtaining PhD qualifications will be central to the creation of new Industry 4.0 technologies, business processes, and methods of operation.

After all, there are technologies and solutions that will be standard components of the Smart Factory of the future that have yet to be invented.

You can make a contribution while working, researching, and studying in the most exciting, interesting, and rapidly advancing field of engineering that exists today.

Maximising Your Career Potential as an Equipment Systems Engineer

Wherever your Equipment Systems Engineering career takes you, a PhD could be the next logical step, particularly if you lean towards the academic and research aspects of the field.

After all, Industry 4.0 research and study is in its infancy. In addition, manufacturers are getting involved, but we are at the very early stages of this industrial revolution. As a result, there couldn’t be a better time to get involved.

The Role of E-Cubers

E-Cubers will become a central source of knowledge for Equipment Systems Engineering in Ireland and abroad. It will be a place for discussion, debate, the sharing of knowledge, and ongoing peer support.

We will also provide every possible assistance to those studying to PhD level to help you achieve your goals and to help the industry maximise its potential.