E-Cubers is an
industry-led, not for
profit initiative that
proactively addresses
the rapidly growing
need for Equipment
Systems Engineers.

The skills of Equipment Systems Engineers are required to develop the solutions that Industry 4.0 requires.

E-Cubers brings together leaders from industry and academia to promote study at all levels, from primary school through to doctoral degrees. It also provides information and support as well as practical advice for engineers moving into Equipment Systems Engineering roles.

What Does an Equipment Systems Engineer Do?

An Equipment Systems Engineers develops, implements, tests, and maintains solutions for manufacturing facilities based on Industry 4.0 principles. This includes developing cyber-physical systems using cognitive computing, the IoT, cloud computing, and more.

Equipment Systems Engineers require traditional mechanical and electrical engineering skills as well as advanced controls skills. They also need inspection and software validation skills as well as skills and knowledge of IT and IS.

What is
Industry 4.0?

The world has gone through three industrial revolutions and is now in the early stages of the fourth:

First industrial revolution – occurred in the late 18th century and gave us steam power

Second industrial revolution – occurred in the late 19th century and brought mass production to manufacturing facilities

Third industrial revolution – started in the late 60s and early 70s and added automation solutions to manufacturing operations

Fourth industrial revolution – known as Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution involves the development of the Smart Factory through the digitalisation of manufacturing and business processes

Crucially, Industry 4.0 is doing more than just changing operations on the factory floor. Instead, it is changing entire business models by creating efficiencies, producing productivity gains, and generating new business opportunities.

E-Cubers’ Sponsors Include Leaders in their Fields

SL Controls’ senior management team, led by Shane Loughlin and Keith Moran, started the E-Cubers initiative. It now has widespread support in the academic world as well as in industry.

The companies supporting and sponsoring E-Cubers include leading names in pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer, and food and beverage manufacturing.