Equipment Systems Engineering is a specialist field of engineering that is in demand right now. That demand will increase with the development of new technologies and the increasing push towards Industry 4.0 solutions in manufacturing. This includes:

  • Factory automation
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Cognitive computing
  • Cloud computing
  • And more

E-Cubers Can Help
You Get into a
Career That’s
Changing the World

E-Cubers will help you learn more about the role of an Equipment Systems Engineer and the opportunities that are available.

We are supported by many leading national and international companies, exposing you to the latest industry thinking and helping you connect with leaders and innovators in the field.

E-Cubers also provides the best support possible in your undergraduate studies, so you have the necessary skills and get the right advice to move to the next stage

The E-Cubers BEng Scholarship, supported by industry-leading automation and controls solution provider SL Controls, will soon be available to the most talented students in Ireland.

The scholarship will cover all your tuition fees and will include mentorship from experienced industry professionals. It also offers practical work experience and apprenticeship opportunities at SL Controls as well as a clear pathway to launch your Equipment Systems Engineering career.

More details of the scholarship and how to apply will be available soon.

E-Cubers also supports and delivers a range of BEST courses and BEST competitions for engineering undergraduate students. They are available in various further education institutions across Ireland including the University of Limerick and IT Sligo.

The BEST courses and competitions are for undergraduate students specialising in a range of engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical/electronics, controls, IT, inspection, and validation.

Objectives of BEST Courses and Competitions

  • Enhance your skills and experience through expert instruction and practical Equipment Systems Engineering problem-solving activities
  • Give you direct experience of what an Equipment Systems Engineer does
  • Help prepare you for your future career
  • Help you decide on the area of specialisation you should pursue in your studies to maximise your potential when you enter the jobs market

Information and Support

E-Cubers also provides a central virtual meeting point for engineering undergraduate students and lecturers.This facilitates the dissemination of information and promotes discussion and debate around industry developments,

In addition, E-Cubers will continue to make resources available and will support existing engineers and those pursuing an engineering degree, helping them along a path towards becoming an Equipment Systems Engineer.