E-Cubers is taking part in I WISH Campus Week at UL (University of Limerick) this week. This includes running an interactive session tomorrow on Equipment Systems Engineering.

I WISH is an initiative that encourages and motivates young females in Ireland to pursue careers in STEM. It does this through conferences, exhibitions, and workshops. It also runs Campus Weeks at various colleges around the country.

The UL Campus Week taking place this week is organised by the Faculty of Science and Engineering at UL. The events taking place throughout the week include lectures, hands-on experiments, group activities, site visits, and more.

The E-Cubers’ event tomorrow is an interactive session run in conjunction with Confirm Smart Manufacturing Research Centre. Confirm supports the Irish manufacturing sector in the development and implementation of smart manufacturing technologies, technologies which are transforming the way businesses operate.

During the two-hour E-Cubers session at UL’s I WISH Campus Week, participants will learn more about the emerging field of Equipment Systems Engineering.

They will also get to experience some of what an Equipment Systems Engineer does by building and programming robotic equipment.